Other Open Resources

Other than OCW materials, UTM also offers other open educational resources developed by our experts in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics area.

We have resources in various multimedia formats to assist students to have access to quality education.

UTM has a collection of video lessons mainly from the UTM-MIT BLOSSOMS project. These videos are Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics related videos. Most of the video lessons are for secondary school students.

These notes are sometimes slides from professionals who were invited to UTM either to give keynote speakers, invited guest lecturers and even from professionals in UTM.

Video of exemplary professionals (VoEP) is a collection of videos showcasing knowledge and skills by experts in various fields from around the world. VoEP invites viewers to explore how experts in a particular field contribute to cultural education and creativity. Sharing session by the experts can potentially impact not only on student’s learning but also to their families and communities. VoEP offers lifelong learning with expert’s instruction and guidance within or outside the classroom where applicable. UTM VoEP can be accessed via http://ctl.utm.my/nali. VoEP is a dedicated video-sharing platform, devoted to spreading ideas, usually in the form of short, powerful talks or professional videos. VoEP distribute exemplary professional practices that focus on engineering and technology topics.