Semester : Semester I 2010/2011 __________________________________________________________________
Lecturer : GOH KIAN MAU
Synopsis :

This course provides an introduction to data structure and algorithms, types of data structures and programming principles. Student will learn abstract data type concepts using class and apply ADT concept in the implementation of data structures. Recursive function, algorithm efficiency, order of magnitude analysis and Big O notation will be discussed. Students will implement operations that can be applied to data structures using various sorting and searching techniques. Further, students will be exposed to linear data structures such as linked lists, stack and queue. Non-linear data structures such as tree and graphs will also be discussed. At the end of the course, students should be able to implement and apply the theory and concepts of data structure in the mini project which is conducted in group.

This work, SQG2513-01 ASAS KEJURUTERAAN BIOPROSES (INTRODUCTION TO BIOPROCESS ENGINEERING) by GOH KIAN MAU is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Lesson 1

Microorganism : Biologists and Engineers Think Differently

Biologist and engineers think differently. Biologist think about theories and science behind observation but engineer like to apply the materials to make money. This topic describes how biologists and bioprocess engineers look at microorganisms.

Lesson 2

Enzymes : Biologists and Engineers Think Differently

Enzymes are enable a biological process or reaction to work faster. To biologist, they are interested of protein primary, secondary, tertiary, and quarternery structures. However, bioprocess engineer are searching for stable and effective enzymes so that the manufacturing plant is more feasible.

Lesson 3

Basic Process Flow Diagram

The most basic concept in processing engineering is process flow sheet. This topic introduce the basic unit operation.

Lesson 4

Basic to Bioreactor

Microorganism are grown in bioreactor to produce bioproduct. Various type of bioreactors are introduce here.

Lesson 5

Basic Downstream Processing

Downstream process involves a series of purification steps to obtain highly purified bioproducts. This topic gives an overview of the unit operation.

Lesson 6

Some Exercise Questions

An exercise related to bioprocess engineering is provided. The materials can help students to test themselves.