Semester : Semester I 2010/2011 _______________________________________________________________________ Lecturer : Alina binti Wagiran _______________________________________________________________________ Synopsis :

The subject covers basic scientific knowledge and its application in biotechnology. Basic molecular biology & practical applications, some historical examples, contemporary applications of biotechnology will be discussed to provide tools and basic knowledge in order to understand biotechnology. The emerging areas of biotechnology, for example Agricultural Biotechnology, Protein, Forensic Biotechnology, Bioremediation, Aquatic Biotechnology, Regulatory agencies and issues that impact Biotechnology industry will be discussed as well. In addition to that, a provocative and issues in Biotechnology, genetically modified food, genetic testing, embryos for research/human cloning, ethical/legality/social questions & dilemmas will be incorporated.

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Lesson 1

Introduction to Biotechnology

The topics cover the brief introduction of biotechnology, history and list of field in biotechnology.

Lesson 2

Introduction to Genes and Genome

The topics cover the comparison of eukaryotic and procaryotic cells, their structure, definition and concept of gene as genetic materials, structure of nucleotide, type of RNA and replication process.

Lesson 3

Recombinant DNA Technology

The topics emphasize on recombinant DNA technology particularly in molecular cloning. The topics include restriction enzymes, cloning process, detection of recombinant clone, genomic library and cDNA library.

Lesson 4

Recombinant DNA Technology Tools and Genomics

The topics cover the techniques involved in molecular biology such as Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) and its application, TA cloning, electrophoresis and DNA sequencing. Southern blot, Real Time PCR, microarray, RNAi, bionformatic and Human Genome Project were among the discussed topic.

Lesson 5

Agricultural Biotechnology

The topics cover the topic of method in plant transformation such as protoplast fusion, chloroplast engineering, biolistic mediated transformation and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation. The topics also cover the advantage and disadvantages of methods and mechanism of DNA integration into plant genome.

Lesson 6

Proteins as Product

The topis cover the definition of protein, its structure and usage of protein as a product.

Lesson 7

Microbial Biotechnology and Its Application

The topics cover the bacterial structure and comparison between Gram positive and Gram negative bacteria. Fermentation process, type of fermentation and yeast were also discussed. Application of fermentation technology in industrial, medical and environment were discussed also.

Lesson 8

Animal Biotechnology

The topics discussed animal as model in biotechnology. Beneficial of this discipline to human, regulation and ethical issues in animal biotechnology were also discussed.

Lesson 9

Forensic Analysis

The topics cover the use of DNA as fingerprinting, crime scene procedure and the tool use in forensic science. The application of forensic for solving murder, natural disaster or rape cases and paternity cases were also discussed.

Lesson 10


The topics cover the definition of bioremediation, importance and beneficial of bioremediation and examples of microbes involved.

Lesson 11

Aquatic Biotechnology

The topics discussed on importance of aquaculture in supplying food and improvement of traits. Enhancement of seafood quality and safety and its application in various discipline were also discussed.

Lesson 12

GM Crop : Benefit and Issues

The topics cover the various examples of genetically modified (GM) organisms. The basic concepts of antisense and its application in GM plant were also discussed. The benefit of Green technology were also discussed in detail. The topics also cover the benefit, risk and issues emerge in genetically modified plant.

Lesson 13


The topics cover provocative and issues in bioethical, legality, social questions and dilemmas in biotechnology.

Lesson 14

Biotechnology Regulation

The topics cover the biotechnology regulation, list of organization involved in GMO and permit. The definition of patent, its importance in scientific community, requirements and guidelines for obtaining patent among the discussed topics.