Lesson 1

Multimedia Development Process

Multimedia Courseware Development at a Glance :

• Categories of multimedia courseware
• Phases in developing multimedia courseware
• ID Models for multimedia courseware development

Lesson 2

Multimedia Courseware Design Fundamentals

Courseware Design Fundamentals :

• What is multimedia courseware design
• What is the purpose of courseware design

Lesson 3

Information Design

Courseware Design Fundamentals : Information Design

• Discussion on an effective learning approach and strategy in enhancing students' comprehension.
• Examples of applications of selected learning strategies in developing courseware.
• Tips and guidelines on how to apply learning strategies in developing courseware.

Lesson 4

Interaction Design

Courseware Design Fundamentals : Interaction Design

• Organization
• Navigation
• Interactivity

Lesson 5

Visual Design

Courseware Design Fundamentals : Visual Design

• Visual Theme & Colors,
• Typography, Template, Layout, etc

Lesson 6

Courseware : Testing & Evaluation

Courseware Testing :

• Testing of the multimedia courseware
• Types and approach of testing

Lesson 7

Multimedia Courseware : Evaluation

Courseware Evaluation :

• Implementing the process of courseware evaluation
• Formative and summative evaluation