Lesson 1

Introduction to Cost Studies

Ice Breaking :

'Cooking Class'

Lesson 2

Introduction to Cost Studies

Importance of estimating in the development process; factors that may influence the accuracy of an estimate; tender documents and its relationship to the estimated costs and tender price.

Lesson 3

General Components of Construction Costs

General Components of Costs :

Development costs, components of building costs.

Lesson 4

Costs Elements of Construction Projects

Costs of main building works; Prime Cost (PC Sum); Provisional Sum; Rates and its constituents - labour, plants and equipments; on-going/administration costs, profit.

Lesson 5

Type of Estimation Rates

Type of Estimation Rates - Unit rate, All-in-rates, Contract Rate, Pro-rata/analogue rates, new/agreed rates and day work rates.

Managing Cost Estimates - Model Cost; Sources of Information, Usage of Data Cost; Cost Hierarchical Structure.

Alternatives estimating techniques - Spot Items, Operational Estimating, Extension of Bills of Quantity, Prime Costs of Daywork.

Lesson 6

Estimating the Cost of Labour

Lesson 7

Estimating the Costs of Plant and Machinaries

Lesson 8

Estimating the Costs of Construction Materials

Lesson 9

Preparing Build-up Rates

Preparing Build-up Rates for :

Painting Works.

Lesson 10

Preparing Build-up Rates

Preparing Build-up Rates for :

Roof Covering.

Lesson 11

Preparing Build-up Rates

Preparing Build-up Rates for :

Concrete Roofing Tile.