Lesson 1

Introduction : The Horticulture Industry

The introduction will provide an overview of the landscape industry.

Lesson 2

Plants Classification & Taxonomy

The topic will provide information on how plants are classified according to the Plant Kingdom.

Lesson 3

Plant Anatomy and Physiology

The topic gives an overview of Plant Anatomy and provide brief notes on different plants parts and its functions.

Lesson 4

Plant Propagation

The topic gives a brief explaination of how to propagate plants and different methods of plant reproduction.

Lesson 5

Plants and Their Environment - Above Environment

The topic reviews the above environmental factors that affect plants growth.

Lesson 6

Plant and Environment - Underground Environment

The topic briefly review the underground environmental factors which affect plants growth.

Lesson 7

Landscape Maintenance

Maintenance is important in ensuring good plant growth. This topic will give an overview of the maintenance work required in the landscape industry.

Lesson 8

Nursery Field Work

Landscape practical work is conducted in the University's nursery.