Lesson 1


This program is a part of the academic course work for 3rd year Architecture students of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. It is a join effort between Department of Architecture and KALAM (Centre for the Study of Built Environment in the Malay World) for more than 20 years.

Lesson 2

Study Approach

Malaysian Architectural Heritage is a course conducted through research and assignment. It consist of field work and studio work.

Lesson 3

Stage 1 : Workshop

Before the field work starts, students have to attend a one week workshop. In this session, students will be brief about the program and several related issues.

Lesson 4

Stage 2 : Field Work

Students will be sent to site for 2 weeks where they are required to collect data on history and architecture of their case study.

Lesson 5

Stage 3 : Studio Work

For about 11 weeks, students should be able to complete the drawing, report, photo album and poster.

Lesson 6

Stage 4 : Exhibition

This will be the highlight of the program where an exhibition will be held to exhibit the complete work of the students.

Lesson 7

Submission Requirement