Lesson 1


Introduction to SAB3842 Traffic Engineering

1. Synopsis
2. Course Learning Outcomes
3. Topics covered
4. Assessment
5. References

Lesson 2

Fundametal Theory of Traffic Flow

Traffic engineer must understand how elements of traffic such as road users, vehicles, and roadways interact with each other. Traffic engineering studies need to be carried out to obtain information needed in traffic planning and design. Fundamental theory of traffic flow need to be understood so that traffic problem can be tackled correctly and efficiently.

1. Introduction
2. Basic concepts - volume, speed, density, headway
3. Relationship between volume, speed and density
4. Level of service concept

Lesson 3

Statistics & Traffic Data Analysis

Data Collection and Analysis

This chapter will cover data collection method for traffic engineering studies (will be briefed in class and further given as group field assignment). Some basic statistics will be discussed and the rest will be assigned as reading assignment for group field assignment.

1. Traffic data
2. Sampling vs population
3. Data description
4. Data analysis and presentation

Lesson 4

Traffic Signal Control System

1. Introduction to traffic control devices
2. Warrant Analysis
3. Terminologies and types of traffic signal systems
4. Traffic Signal Design Procedures

Lesson 5

Geometric Design of Roads

1. Elements of road geometry
2. Aspects considered in road design
3. Road classifications
4. Flow chart of road design process
5. Criteria governs geometric design
6. Design of the highway elements
7. Horizontal alignment
8. Vertical alignment