Semester : Semester I 2010/2011 _______________________________________________________________________ Lecturer : Shahrin Bin Mohammad _______________________________________________________________________ Synopsis :

This is a core subject. It will expose the students to the analysis and design of steel and timber structural elements. For the steel design, the topics covered include the advantages and the general concepts of steel constructions, analysis and design of restrained and unrestrained beams, columns with axial load, columns with axial load and bending moment, trusses, bolt and weld connections, and elastic and plastic design of portal frames. For timber structures, the topics covered include the design of beams, columns and compression and tension members of truss.

This work, SAB3233 Structural Steel Design & Timber by Shahrin Bin Mohammad is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

Lesson 1

Structural Design - An Overview

Introduction about steel, structure and structural steel, aims of structural design, method of design, etc.

Lesson 2

Basis of Structural Design (BS EN 1990)

Introduction to eurocodes, structural eurocode, basis of structural design, and national annexes.

Lesson 3

Actions on Structures (BS EN 1991)

General actions - (Densities, self weight, imposed loads for building) and Action on structures (Loading).

Lesson 4

Design of Steel Structures (BS EN 1993)

General rules and rules for building and also covers distinction between principles and application rules.

Lesson 5

Cross-section Classification

Basis of section classification, section class and limiting width to thickness ratio.

Lesson 6

Laterally Restrained Beams

Types of restraining condition of beam, restrain beam, lateral restraint, unrestrained beam, and classification of cross section.

Lesson 7

Laterally Unrestained Beams

Lateral-torsional buckling, unrestrained beam, elastic buckling of beams, end support condition and beams with intermediate lateral support.

Lesson 8


Column subjected to axial load, stocky column, slender steel column, effect of imperfection, buckling resistance in axial compression, and etc.

Lesson 9


Examples of plane truss system, members used in truss system , and terminology in truss system.

Lesson 10


Design of joints, bolted connections, positioning of holes, and etc.

Lesson 11

Structural Timber Design 1

List of design check, modification factors, and design check calculation.

Lesson 12

Structural Timber Design 2

Kandungan Lembapan, Gred Kayu, Reka Bentuk Kayu, Reka Bentuk Naggota Lentur, Pertimbangan Reka Bentuk Anggota Lenturan, and etc.