STEM-Mate (STEM Materials for Teaching) Competition

Teaching and learning materials for STEM is still limited hence Project STEMazing UTM invites educators to share their STEM teaching and learning materials that they developed/innovate for their students. In conjunction with NALI 2018, STEM-Mate (STEM Materials for Teaching) Competition is open to passionate educators in developing their own innovative teaching and learning materials to teach STEM.

Rules and Regulations

How can you enter the Competition?

  • You have to be a TEACHER
  • Participation can be in groups or individual
  • Apply and fill in the form online HERE
  • Pay RM 150 for your participation fee
  • Prepare an A1 poster about your project containing information (about the project, how it helps STEM learning, materials to develop the project, records/photos on how it is used in teaching and learning STEM)
  • Set up a booth at NALI 2018
  • Present your project to panel of judges during NALI 2018

What type of projects that we are looking for?

  • Original
  • Useful for teaching and learning STEM
  • Innovative
  • Cost-effective
  • Can be used by various students
  • Improved students understanding in STEM

Rules and Regulations

  • Open to all Teachers,
  • Individual and Group Participation (up to 6 members) is accepted,
  • Combination of educators, students and industry is highly encouraged
  • The project submission has to be a STEM teaching and learning material
  • Participants are allowed to submit more than one submission but separate fee is to be charged,
  • Incomplete submission and/ or fraud information will be rejected by the organizer,
  • The deadline for submission is 30th JUNE 2018.

The following information is required for online submission form:

  • Brief summary of the Project

Please summarize information about STEM Materials that you have developed for teaching and learning, and how did you develop the material? What are the main features and how it is useful for teaching and learning?

  • Why and how it is created/invented?

What motivates you to develop the STEM Materials? Elaborate in detail how did you develop the material

  • List of Advantages/ Main features of STEM Materials for Teaching

Elaborate in detail the main features of STEM Materials that you have developed

  • Impact to teaching and learning STEM

What are the impact of the STEM Materials that you have developed for teaching and learning?


Registration Fee

RM 150 (**updated previously was RM 159)

Payment method

Payment should be made to:

Bendahari UTM (8006053536 – CIMB BANK BERHAD)

Once payment have been made, please upload the proof of payment in the ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM

Avicenna Award Description

This award is awarded to project from STEM-Mate Competition that shows very significant contribution in teaching and learning STEM. The project makes a significant difference in the lives of students across the state by providing excellent resources that promotes lifelong learning and inspiring a passion for STEM beyond the classroom and into the future.


1st Prize: RM 2000 + Opportunity to collaborate with STEMazing Project UTM to improve the project + Certificate

2nd Prize: RM 1000 + Certificate

3rd Prize: RM 500 + Certificate

Consolation Prize: Certificate

**Disclaimer: All judging decisions are final.