[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]EXPERTS:

  • PM Dr. Azlan bin Abdul Latib
  • Dr. Yusri bin Kamin
  • Prof. Dr. Kamariah Ismail




Students able to register for the Job Creation program and register for the co-curricular course at CGCC.

Students will have to:

  • follow all the programs arranged, including academic programs, company registration, preparing the tender documents, evaluation papers and presentations for bidding projects.
  • fill out a written quotation and provide the necessary paperwork to be submitted before the closing date.

Students will be invited to present papers quote for evaluation purposes. This session will be attended by responsible officers from Building Property Office (BPO), Student Affair and Alumny Office (SAAO), Bursar Office (BO), Internationalisation and Commercialisation Office, Job Owner (faculty or centre) (JO) and Centre for General Courses and Co-curricular to evaluate the company’s ability in handling the project, assessing the repayment capability of micro-credit , the credibility of the students and staff of the company. Companies that have the potential will be awarded an offer letter of the quotation. An official submission process for award letter and documentation will be held by the BPO . This process will also used by the SAAO and BO for the application of micro-credit loans.

Students who obtain a tender project will be asked to register the course Entrepreneurship Practice II (UKQU2102) at CGCC . Students through their company will handle the project awarded and proceed the project progress report to the JO and BPO. In addition, CGCC will schedule the academic programs to improve the students’ ability in managing the company. Lastly, the complete projects will be submitted to the BPO for evaluation. BPO will report to the BO for clearing the project payment. The students will be asked to settle their micro- credit loans to SAAO. Meanwhile, CGCC will manage the assessment aspect and course grading. Assessment and grading will be done on credit redeemable for certain cases if past over the semester course registration.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]