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Internship EXPERTS: Dr.  Nor Fadila binti Mohd Amin; En. Azmi Mohd Arshad; Dr. Norbahiah Ahmad; and Dr. Mahyuddin Arsat

  • Internship – structured, supervised opportunities for extended, in-depth, out-of-class, field-based discovery learning – obtained by students prior to graduation from academic program
  • Internship – involves direct, hands-on application of concepts, theories, knowledge and skills learning in the classroom to real-world contexts
  • Internship can be benificial for student, institution and employer – provide higher quality education and career preparation
  • Internship – underpinning theory – experiential learning (Kolb, 1984)


First Year Experience EXPERTS: Dr. Mohd Shuisma bin Mohd. Ismail; PM Dr. Rubita bt. Sudirman; PM Dr. Zubaidah Awang; and PM Dr. Baharin Abu

  • First Year Experience (FYE) is an initiative by UTM to promote positive support, motivation and information to all new first-year students. Among the programs planned to achieve these objectives include games and competitions to help the students to explore the faculty and the academic environment, sharpening their programming skills, and exploring their strengths, and expose to the research skills. These programs contribute positive impact to the education and training of our students as it creates a healthy leaning environment.
  • The FYE activities are also embedded in introduction course for each program. The first part raises the student’s awareness to the importance and necessity of developing habits of systematic analysis for solving problems. It promotes the UTM graduate attributes and highlights the importance of generic skills needed by professionals. It also provides students of a clear overview of the different fields within their respective programs and a description of the nature of their future work. It discusses the education requirements for today’s professional as well as exposes the students to the skill sets required, as for example, engineers entrepreneurship skills.


Capstone Project EXPERTS: Dr. Lim Cheng Siong; Dr. Fauzan Khairi Che Harun; and Dr. Maheza Irna Binti Mohamad Salim

  • Capstone project is an engineering design project introduced in 3rd or final year as 1- or 2-semester project.
  • It is one of the important components required by Engineering Accreditation Council (EAC) Malaysia for a program to be fully accredited. It examines the capability of students to work as a team to apply and integrate their prior knowledge and skills to solve an engineering design problem.
  • Throughout the project, the students are able to gain engineering experience from design activities such as producing engineering documents, implementing and operating a prototype, managing a project within the given project scope, time frame and budget.


Intensive Academic Writing EXPERTS: Dr. Ummul Khair Ahmad; Dr. Zairus Norsiah Azahar; Tuan Haji Mohd Nasir Mahmoud; and Prof Dr. Omar bin Yaakob
Empirical research EXPERTS: Dr. Nik Ahmad Nizam bin Nik Malek; Dr. Siti Aisyah binti Panatik@ Abdul Rahman; Dr. Lily Suriani Binti Mohd Arif; Dr. Ahmad bin Jusoh; and Dr. Mohd Firdaus bin Abdul Wahab
Interdisciplinary approach EXPERTS: PM Dr. Mohd Shahir Shamsir; En. Zulkepli Abdul Majid; PM Dr. Zainura Zainon Noor; Dr. Sya Azmeela binti Shariff; and Dr. Fauzan Khairi