Manuals & Guidelines

This page provides links to some collections of learning resource materials or guidelines suitable for educators in using technology in teaching and learning.



Interactive Multimedia Page: An Introduction to Multimedia 
The aim of Interactive Multimedia Page is to help individuals who are interested in developing multimedia application to know the basic elements of multimedia. Different types of media elements are introduced and illustrated with examples.

Introduction to Graphics 
This web site will give you a basic understanding of some of the underlying principles at work in the graphics world.


pdfWeb Development : Information Design (876.75 kB)
Discover what information design is and why you need to know about it.

pdf Web Development : Interaction Design (424.5 kB)
Discover what interaction design is and why you need to know about it.

pdf Web Development : Interface Design (675.34 kB)
Discover what interface design is and why you need to know about it.

pdf Multimedia In Education : Basic Design (1.2 MB)
This presentation aims to provide educators with a theoretical and practical introduction to design criteria relating to the presentation of information delivered by multimedia and an understanding of the design process involving both the functionality and aesthetics of the multimedia interface.pdf(For Printing)


pdf Multimedia Basic and It’s Application in Teaching & Learning (377.35 kB)
Education courses, skills and knowledge are too often taught out of context. To overcome this, educators are using multimedia to bring into their classrooms real-world examples to provide a contextual framework important for learning.pdf(For Printing)

pdf Multimedia Technology In Education: An Introduction (91.65 kB)
Introduction to multimedia technology and how it can be use in teaching and learning. pdf(For Printing)

pdf How to Use Microsoft Power Point Effectively in Teaching & Learning (872.73 kB)
How to use Power Point effectively in Teaching and Learning, active learning with Power Point and guide on how to use Power Point to guide study and encourage active preparation.


pdf Web Development: Basic Concepts (Process & Design) (536.42 kB)
Learn the key concepts behind web development methodologies and how to create your own web page for teaching and learning purpose. pdf(For Printing)