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About FREE

FREE is an innovative and futuristic teaching and learning framework for UTM academic staff. It stands for “Future Ready Educators”, and is selected as the theme for NALI 2020.

The central belief of FREE is that UTM educators must be future ready in facing a new generation of learners coming to the university for their education. FREE is manifested through three main elements: flexible and organic curriculum structure; teaching and learning transformative delivery; and holistic assessment.

The first element of FREE is the development of a curriculum structure that develops naturally according to contemporary knowledge needs, and changes taking place in the learning environment in line with the development of various industries. The curriculum structure should also be able to expose students on different contexts happening around the world, and matches with accreditation standards globally.

The next element in FREE is training and development of UTM academics to execute the desired curriculum structure as described above. Learning should be immersive and meaningful, supported by state-of-the-art technology, innovative learning space, as well as engaging instructional approaches within and beyond the classroom.

The third and last element in FREE is transformation of assessment practices in teaching and learning. Educators must be equipped with the latest know-how and tools that would enable them to effectively assess learning outcomes that have been designed for students. They should also celebrate the different capabilities and achievements of their student cohort, who may excel in different ways beyond standardised testing.

The core belief and elements of FREE is already being implemented by many UTM academics. That said, UTM believes that there must be concerted effort in building a community of practice based on FREE, in order to increase learning experience of students not only within UTM, but also outside the university.

To discover more about best practices and implementation of the FREE, join us in NALI 2020 from 7-10 December 2020!