New Academia Learning Innovation (NALI) 2018 is a celebration for innovative teaching and learning practices.

The objectives of this exhibition and competition are:

  • To recognize NALI research and innovation products in teaching and learning through exhibition and competition
  • To be the platform for sharing of research and innovation products in teaching and learning
  • To improve educators competency in practicing teaching and learning in the 21st Century through NALI talk series and workshops,
  • To improve STEM awareness among educators in practicing NALI
    We offer attractive prizes that include:

  • Gold Medalists                    Medal + Certificate

  • Silver Medalists                   Medal + Certificate

  • Bronze Medalists                 Medal + Certificate

    Each submission is subjected to a payment of :

  • Local participants             : MYR 500.00 + ( MYR 30.00 GST )

  • International participants  : USD 130.00  + ( USD 7.80 GST )



  • Open to all educators.

  • Individual and Group Participation (up to 6 members) is accepted.

  • Combination of educators, students and industry is highly encouraged.

  • The project submission has to be related to teaching and learning or NALI (NALI example).

  • Participants are allowed to submit more than one submission but separate fee is to be charged,

  • Incomplete submission and/ or fraud information will be rejected by the organizer.

  • The deadline for submission is 30th JUNE 2018.

  • Every participant is given a booth (1 unit table, 1 unit chair and a power source) to showcase their project.
  • Booth numbers will be announcedin due time.
  • Participant has to prepare a poster at the booth for the project to be presented to panel of juries during NALI 2018.
    Content of the poster should contains the following information:
    • Abstract
    • Project Objectives
    • Novelty (New Ideas)
    • Creativity (Design of Ideas)
    • Innovativeness (Changes/Improvement)
    • Applicability (Relevant to New Academia Learning Innovation Model (NALI))
    • Impact to Students’ Learning (Engagement and Empowering)
    • Commercialization Potential
    • Awards Received (Title of project, exhibition and year)
    The size of the poster is A1.
  • Participants are encouraged to prepare additional materials such as brochures, pictures and certificates that support their project.
  • No internet connection is provided during NALI 2018.

  • Participants have to be present their project to adjudicators in 10 minutes.

  • Adjudicators’ decision is final.

  • Project evaluation and assessment is carried out by experienced adjudicators chosen by the organizer.

  • Judging criteria include:

  • Novelty (new ideas), creativity (design of ideas), innovativeness (changes/improvement), applicability (relevant to NALI), impact to student (engagement and empowering). These criteria must be supported by evidences.
  • Oral presentation and poster (display of poster and display of material).

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