List of IIDEL Competitors

iucel2016-275-iidel-121 Online Critique Session In Art & Design Studio: A Framework For Art Education 2
iucel2016-10-iidel-2 Arabic For Tourism Purpose Via Web-Based Learning At Mara Poly-Tech College (KPTM) 3
iucel2016-459-iidel-217 Masalah PC? Mudah Jee.. 4
iucel2016-456-iidel-215 Edutechnovation Day As The Final Destiny 5
iucel2016-137-iidel-43 Memorise Chinese Characters With One Plus One Is More Than Two (1 + 1 > 2) Idea 6
iucel2016-357-iidel-169 Analytic Dashboard For Learning Management System 7
iucel2016-383-iidel-186 A Systematic Cultivation Process For Quality E-Contents Development In UTEM Opencourseware (OCW) 8
iucel2016-306-iidel-136 Zakat Klik 9
iucel2016-412-iidel-201 Integrated Ethnic Relations Altruistic Team (I-E.R.A.T.) 10
iucel2016-323-iidel-145 Positioning & Globalising Malaysia Online Learning Through Global Access Asia (GAA): Unimap Experience 11
iucel2016-34-iidel-21 Bmt Digital Learning 12
iucel2016-246-iidel-105 Innovation In Entrepreneurship Technology Video Using Various E-Learning Tools 13
iucel2016-249-iidel-106 Interactive Mobile Augmented Reality Applications For The Architectural Buildings & Wildlife In Malaysia 14
iucel2016-252-iidel-107 Malaysian Architectural Heritage Ibook – An Innovation Tool For Teaching & Learning 15
iucel2016-255-iidel-109 Engagement With Physics Laboratory Work- Better By Ibook 16
iucel2016-257-iidel-111 Accelerating Pedagogical Hierarchy Model In Context With Student Centered Learning Using Animation 17
iucel2016-325-iidel-146 Reporting, Scaling And Scoring Student Holistic Performance , Enhancement System 18
iucel2016-241-iidel-104 19
iucel2016-285-iidel-126 Feasible Study Of Collaborative Learning For Global Classroom 20
iucel2016-286-iidel-127 Adaptation Of Aura Colour Interface Content Presentation Based On Learner’s Emotion In Personal Elearning Environment Using Production Rules 21
iucel2016-287-iidel-128 An Efficient Technique For The Development Of More Effective And Secure E-Learning System Based On Cloud Computing 22
iucel2016-288-iidel-129 MGTG Tool: Modify Greedy Test Generation Tool For Teaching Combinatorial Test List Generation Minimization 23
iucel2016-290-iidel-131 24
iucel2016-292-iidel-132 Student’s Performance In Blended Learning Versus Online Learning Environments 25
iucel2016-296-iidel-133 Strategic Dashboard Reporting Tools For Managing E-Learning In Higher Learning Education 26
iucel2016-303-iidel-134 Integrating Task-Based Blended Learning Approach In Teaching Public Speaking 27
iucel2016-354-iidel-165 Utilizing Augmented Reality Technology For Teaching Aid Tools Based On Model-Based Learning (AR-MB) 28
iucel2016-361-iidel-174 Discreet World Of Microbes 29
iucel2016-360-iidel-173 Bactracker Mobile App 30
iucel2016-359-iidel-172 Online Microbiology Interactive E-Learning (Omiel) 31
iucel2016-120-iidel-100 Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ) Builder And Analyser For Higher Education Institutes (HEI) And Schools 32
iucel2016-121-iidel-101 Gamification In MOOC: An Experiment With Secondary Schools In Sabah 33
iucel2016-403-iidel-195 An Innovative Model To Integrate Multiple Knowledge(S) On Curricular Contents, Pedagogy And Technology For Teachers’ TPACK Development 34
iucel2016-334-iidel-155 Diy : Dr. PC 36
iucel2016-372-iidel-180 Using MOOC To Improve Online Learning: The Case Of Learning The Computer Architecture And Organization Course 37
iucel2016-331-iidel-152 Pembelajaran Tajwid Berasaskan Multimedia Menggunakan Telefon Pintar 38
iucel2016-332-iidel-153 Pembangunan Koswer Asas Mengenal, Membaca Dan Menulis Jawi 39
iucel2016-333-iidel-154 Mr Binary’s Brain 40
iucel2016-168-iidel-51 Journey Of MOOC Creation In Hotel Housekeeping 41
iucel2016-172-iidel-53 Classcraft Led Multi-Platform Applications As Pedagogy In The Tertiary Education Classroom 42
iucel2016-173-iidel-54 Integration Of Ipad And Apps In Food And Beverage Service Praxis To Create A New Dining Experience (Going I-Restaurant) 43
iucel2016-178-iidel-57 LAMS As An Alternative Platform To The Traditional Classroom Presentation 44
iucel2016-179-iidel-58 Flip Teaching Using Rewind By Taylor’s University 45
iucel2016-196-iidel-67 Developing Interactive And Engaging Module Sites Through The RASA Model 46
iucel2016-200-iidel-69 Developing Self-Directed Learners In Science 47
iucel2016-362-iidel-175 Microtopia Land Game Board With AR 48
iucel2016-363-iidel-176 Mighty Microbes 49
iucel2016-364-iidel-177 The Mystery Microbes 50
iucel2016-88-iidel-170 Fifth Apprentice 51
iucel2016-436-iidel-207 Pembangunan Modul Strategi Pembelajaran Aktif Secara Kolaboratif Atas Talian Untuk Kursus Titas Mooc Dalam Platform Openlearning Di Universiti-Universiti Awam Malaysia 52
iucel2016-460-iidel-218 Design And Prototype Development Of Problem Solving Game (Adik Bijak Pecahan) 53
iucel2016-81-iidel-24 Mobile Learning Application Mclass 54
iucel2016-382-iidel-185 E-Learning Software For Veterinary Education In Universiti Putra Malaysia 55
iucel2016-216-iidel-82 Resource Architecture In The Virtual Digital Learning Landscape (RAVD) 56
iucel2016-233-iidel-94 G-Ace 59
iucel2016-236-iidel-98 Simple Version Ii 60
iucel2016-240-iidel-103 Usim Oer (Open Educational Resources) 61
iucel2016-234-iidel-95 Goals Reporting Tool 62
iucel2016-256-iidel-110 Industrial Training System (Eli) 63
iucel2016-258-iidel-112 Usim Mooc : Pengajian Halaqah 64
iucel2016-259-iidel-113 Usim Mooc – Bahasa Arab 1 65
iucel2016-260-iidel-114 Usim Mooc – Fiqh Ibadat Dan Munakahat 66
iucel2016-280-iidel-124 A Case Study Of Clouddesk Implementation (Vdi) 67
iucel2016-43-iidel-18 Integrated Naqli & Aqli Self–Instructional Learning Module Framework Design For Usim 68
iucel2016-210-iidel-77 Education And Entertainment Elements In Agriculture Mechanization Edutainment 69
iucel2016-222-iidel-84 Ez-Arabic 2.0 72
iucel2016-224-iidel-83 Learning Video: Mobility Aids 73
iucel2016-227-iidel-88 Interactive Application: Asian Civilization 74
iucel2016-228-iidel-89 Tutoreal: Mobile Learning Application For End-User (Do-It-Yourself) To Increase Proficiency And Mastery In Easy Math Learning Process 76
iucel2016-220-iidel-90 Me-C App: Enhancing Legal Knowledge Via Smartphone 77
iucel2016-221-iidel-81 Fleximode: Flexible Approach For Effective English Training Practice 78
iucel2016-276-iidel-120 A Low Cost 3 – Axis Cnc Milling Machine 79
iucel2016-369-iidel-179 An Online System For Malaysian Dietary Index For Risk Of Breast Cancer – Mydietrisk (Bca) 80
iucel2016-116-iidel-36 View – A New Way Of Online Learning 81
iucel2016-132-iidel-42 C-BOND : Mobile Augmented Reality For Learning Chemical Bond 82
iucel2016-115-iidel-34 Ar-Science Magic Book Learning System 83
iucel2016-176-iidel-55 Driving Holistic Development Through The SHINE Portal 84
iucel2016-177-iidel-56 Fluid Dynamics In Biological System: Apps-Integrated Activity 85
iucel2016-230-iidel-91 E-PRASMO 2.0: Revolutionising Teaching Practicum In The 21st Century Classroom 86
iucel2016-226-iidel-87 Exploring The Use Of Online Multiliteracies Project Approach (E-MULPA) In An English As A Second Language (ESL) Classroom: A Blended Learning Module 87
iucel2016-329-iidel-150 Stimulating Autistic Children Through The Use Of Courseware For Improving Social Interaction Skill (Stimav2) 88
iucel2016-238-iidel-99 A Novel Multimedia Interactive Application To Support Road Safety Education Among Primary School Children In Malaysia 89
iucel2016-237-iidel-96 SMALL RUMINANT I-TUTOR 90
iucel2016-201-iidel-70 Digital Portfolio: A Platform For Reflective Practice In Teacher Education Programme 91
iucel2016-202-iidel-71 Creating A Collaborative Learning Platform Using Moxtra 92
iucel2016-204-iidel-73 Evaluation Of The Use Of Smart Phone Application In Engagement Of Students In Anatomy Assessment 93
iucel2016-205-iidel-74 Towards Excellent Teaching Engagement – The TES, An Innovative 360° Teaching Evaluation And Feedback Tool For Professional Development 94
iucel2016-206-iidel-75 Improving In-Depth Learning With Ipad Integrated Project In Practising CDIO Project Based Learning 95
iucel2016-208-iidel-76 Mooc: Lean Technopreneurship 96
iucel2016-232-iidel-93 Blended Learning – An Effective Application To Clinical Teaching 97
iucel2016-235-iidel-97 Students’ Perception Of ECG Interpretation Skills Learning Using Socrative In The First Clinical Year Internal Medicine Postings. 98
iucel2016-239-iidel-102 Certified Digital Educator (CDE): Crafting The 21st Century Teaching Capabilities Through The Byte-Sized Training Modules 99
iucel2016-350-iidel-164 MOOC-Ed Engineering Study And Emotional Intelligence 100
iucel2016-91-iidel-47 Bite Size Moocs By Master Chefs 101
iucel2016-199-iidel-68 Holistic E-Learning Via Purpose Learning Framework 102
iucel2016-107-iidel-31 Strategies For Implementing MOOCS In Built Environment (Quantity Surveying) Educational Framework 104
iucel2016-358-iidel-171 The Microbes Planet 105
iucel2016-327-iidel-148 I-MOBE System For Educators In Higher Learning Institution 106
iucel2016-278-iidel-138 Curriculum Designers Information System For Institution Of Higher Learning In Malaysia 107
iucel2016-144-iidel-45 Energizing Algebraic Thinking Among Boarding School (SBP) Students Through Technology Via VLE Frog Platform 108
iucel2016-189-iidel-64 Rmaths – Mobile Based Numeracy Learning Applications For Learning Disabilities Students 109
iucel2016-273-iidel-118 Dr. Diet Android App 110
iucel2016-30-iidel-14 Mobile Learning Communication Aid 111
iucel2016-345-iidel-160 Document Records Management System Through Web Based On Activity Theory Framework 113
iucel2016-346-iidel-163 Kembara Nombor 114
iucel2016-349-iidel-162 Eproject: Educational Research Study Management System 115
iucel2016-405-iidel-197 Chemistry Authentic Learning: Problem Solving In Electrolysis 116
iucel2016-385-iidel-187 Implementation Of Authentic Learning Strategy For Web-Based Development Course Through Moocs 117
iucel2016-386-iidel-188 Integration Of Moocs As Blended Learning In Learning Research Methodology Course 118
iucel2016-366-iidel-178 LEAP With Myline 119
iucel2016-387-iidel-198 Storybird: Vocabulary Building Through Narrative Artwork 120
iucel2016-381-iidel-184 Edutainment Apps For Learning History Topic : Vistory 122
iucel2016-388-iidel-189 Physic Is Fun : Video Based Learning Embedded With Persuasive Theory For Learning Physics 123
iucel2016-444-iidel-209 Code Puzzle Apps For Learning Actionscript 2.0 Programming 124
iucel2016-457-iidel-216 Edutainment Competition Learning Strategy 125
iucel2016-87-iidel-27 Goreason: A Collaborative Learning System For Reasoning Skills 126
iucel2016-94-iidel-37 Business Intelligence (BI) System For Data Analytic In Higher Education Administration 127
iucel2016-103-iidel-122 Talk2me: Digital Traffic Light To Monitor Students’ Learning 128
iucel2016-114-iidel-33 I-Discuss: A Gamified Online Discussion Interface 129
iucel2016-380-iidel-183 Learning Vowel Alphabetic Words Mnemonically 130
iucel2016-118-iidel-39 Grammar Rooms: Gamifying Instructional Games For Engaging Students In Learning Outside The Classroom 131
iucel2016-251-iidel-108 Fun With Physics (Fwp) In Teaching Basic Electricity And Magnetism 132
iucel2016-262-iidel-115 Fun Revision Through Games 133
iucel2016-308-iidel-137 E-Fod 134
iucel2016-320-iidel-147 I-CHO Kit : Islamik Cakna Hal OKU Kit 136
iucel2016-328-iidel-149 Mylearn.My: Interactive E-Learning Materials For MEC241-Fluid Mechanics 137
iucel2016-351-iidel-168 Passive Transport In Cells – Enotes 138
iucel2016-378-iidel-182 Online Listening Activities: Learning Listening Through The Fun Way 139
iucel2016-430-iidel-204 Sistem Pengurusan Latihan Pusat I-Learn, Uitm 141
iucel2016-443-iidel-208 Introductory Mandarin 1 Via MOOC For Non-Native Speakers 142
iucel2016-138-iidel-44 Captain Carnival Game : Multimedia Application For Spm English Literature Novel 143
iucel2016-75-iidel-22 Oh My Jawi! 145
iucel2016-76-iidel-23 Industrial Training Assessment System (Itas) 146
iucel2016-180-iidel-59 RELMARK: An Innovative Tool For Preprocessing Of Transactional Data 147
iucel2016-433-iidel-206 Big Data : The Use Of Analytics In Analyzing The Course To Improve Course Richness In E-Learning 148
iucel2016-423-iidel-203 Umtmooc-Ar : New Technology For Innovative Learning 149
iucel2016-98-iidel-28 Adaptation Of Addie Model In Invention Of Ethnic Relations Mooc Teaching And Learning (T&L) Materials 151
iucel2016-408-iidel-199 Integrating Affective Domain Into MOOC Ethnic Relations E-Learning Instructional Design 152
iucel2016-309-iidel-161 Design Of An Intervention System For Social Media Addiction In Postgraduate Education 154
iucel2016-451-iidel-213 Google Apps Untuk Semua 155
iucel2016-452-iidel-214 Integrating Open Learning MOOC On Geometry With Geogebra Software 156