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Alif Ba Ta Explorer is a casual games and free Android application to play and learn about Jawi alphabets.
This will make easy for parent to teach their children about basic alphabet in Jawi and Al-Quran.
The basic concept of this game is same with the normal car racing game.
Player is request to control the car in the game.
The Jawi alphabet will appear and player need to hit the alphabet in the right sequence from alif until ya to complete the game.
The score will be given for each correct alphabet capture and if got the wrong alphabet, the mark will be deducted.
The purpose we create the Alif Ba Ta explorer games are to give basic learning games about Arabic alphabet.
This game also as the alternative for parent to choose it’s a training game that should be real fun
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Brainiac game will test the user’s brain using the Stroop Effect.

Functions of Stroop Effect in this application are it permits to measure a person’s selective attention capacity and skills as well as their processing speed ability.

With this effect, it will balance the both side of the user’s brain and make the brain to work faster on certain condition and focus on the task.

3rd place in an edutainment competition.

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Ovuma Kingdom is a journey of Spermbarian which is ‘The Chosen Sperm’ to the Ovuma Queen (egg).
Life is difficult for a Spermbarian and this one needs your help.How To Play:
Tap to keep Spermbarian floating and dont forget to avoid villi !
That’s it! Can you beat all the levels? How far can you get?
MyIQ is a game that tests the ingenuity of the player in the field of mathematics. It is developed for mobile applications and can be connected with social media.
– The game will become more understanding and challenge as we add-on additional function.
– This games function by tap button appears on the screen.
– Players can pause the game and continue to answer the question.
– The question become challenging when level up.
– The game based on three life time and it will end when the life is finish.
– The twelve numbers given to select or unselected to get the target answer.
– The twelve numbers will appear on the screen random follow by question.
– Each question provides 60 second to answer.
– The pop up screen will appear as notification.
– To test the level of intelligence in terms of mathematics.
– To ensure that the players generate skills in their intelligence in mathematics.
– To boost up speed responsiveness of player.
– To challenge concentration.
– To practice our mind more focus.
– To fill up leisure time.
– To provide alternative entertainment.

Help us improve this app. If you have suggestions or comments on how we can improve this app, whether in content or functionality, please send us your feedback.

install the apps on the link below:
Epic traditional game. Get your marbles, train your skills & ready for
the battles.Raja Guli is inspired by our country traditional
game during childhood in Malaysia country, which this game will bring it
into a new level, virtually. This game include all possible
traditional elements and gameplay to bring back all the nostalgia
into the game. This game is have very user friendly interface and fun to

PLEASE NOTE! Raja Guli is completely free to play, however some game items
can also be purchased for real money. If you do not want use this feature,
please set up password protection for purchases in the setting of your
Google Play Store app. Also, our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you
must be at least 13 years of age to play or download Raja Guli.

Raja Guli is an addictive of traditional and shooting games. Get ready
for new traditional games from Malaysia country.

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This game is about smash the mosquitoes as inspired by Aedes mosquitoes and Dengue fever.
The game is suitable for children of age 4-7 years old.
The motive of this game is to educate children about the Aedes and their potential breeding site in a fun way
install the apps on this link below:
– Wanna have fun with words? Learn something new?
– Drag the letters to the right position to make a meaningful word. Hit Submit and check your if it is correct!
– Can you form the correct word? Compete with your friends for high scorers!
– Parents, want your kids to excel in vocabulary? Word Shuffle is the fun way to do it!
-Full hints available for easy learning
-Scoring system to make it competitive
-Easy intuitive drag drop interface
install the apps on the link below:
Balloon Rescue
install the apps on the link below:
Potatoed Arts is back with another Malaysian childhood game that you might be familiar with! Ever played “Lawan Pemadam” during your school days? That’s right, now you can relive the moment on your mobile devices! Make your choice of character from the 14 states of Malaysia; each with its own unique abilities to be used in the battle. Swipe your way to victory by beating your friends in this turn-based childhood versus game!
install the apps on the link below:
Use finger to control Hang collecting fire wood and staying on the road.
Avoid the poisoning insects and get the highest score. Enjoy the game!
install the apps on the link below:
Introducing a new traditional food game!
Get ready to help Mael to collect “budu” ingredients during his journey.OHH MY BUDU!! is inspired by our country’s traditional food in Malaysia especially in Kelantan. The goal is to collect as many “budu” ingredients as possible. There will be obstacles and power up along the way. This game have a user friendly interface and fun to play.

OHH MY BUDU!! is an addictive sidescrolling endless runner game.
Get ready for new traditional food games from Malaysia country.

– Tap “up” button to jump in order to collect ingredients and avoid obstacles.

Having any problems? Any suggestions? We would love to hear from you!
You can find help at https://www.facebook.com/ohhmybudu

NOTE : OHH MY BUDU!! is an offline game and do not required a network connection to play.

install the apps on the link below:

Beware of AEDES!! Its dangers…!!
Smash AEDES with your finger in this great game! and you will be reward….
Highly entertaining for all ages. Special virtual goods that make the game easier for young players can be acquired!

Features include:
> Global high-score rankings
> Different Addictive Game Modes
> Game for all ages, man and woman!
> A funny app to pass the time.
> Be careful not to squash the butterflies and bee.
> Play all levels for free

Spend a good time in experience this killer bug invasion! But don’t squash the butterflies…
Download this great app for free! …(^_^)

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Level up ur brain with numbers!!
Challenge your mind and increase your memory ability by memorizing these cursed number in short time.Experience the excitement while playing as the total number increase.The Rules
~ Memorize the number in 2 second and answer it afterward.
~ Wrong answer more than 3 times force you to repeat same level.What are you waiting for?
Install now and become the next Einstein
install the apps on the link below:
This is a platform where all educational people can share their knowledge together.
This application gives user very different way to expand their education information based on their expertise.Download now!!
Be a part of our intelligent user that can make changes to the world.
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The Maze Adventure helps you to practice your motor skills. This game might be easy but you have to be more careful and faster by swipe the path to move to the right path. How fast you can find the right path? Try to avoid the ghost or your life will be deducted and you have to start it again. Collect as many cherries as you can to add more score. This game is so fun and awesome.Try it and feel it!!

– Free To Play
– Swipe at the path to move the player.
– Hit the cherries to add more score
– Avoid the ghost to avoid loose live

install this apps on the link below:

What’s New:
– Level Select Interface is changed.
– Game over bug in some level is fixed.
– Shark bug is fixed


TILT as good as you can to the ‘Flying Dutchman’.
DODGE the oncoming trap!
DON’T fooled by the tricky platforms.

Help Doggy, Tommy, Kitty & Howdy to find the hidden treasure.

– 10 thrilling levels to complete
– 4 cute characters with different abilities available to choose
– Power ups available to upgrade
– Exciting challenges awaiting in every level

Here’s your chance to help them. Join the most daring adventure!

install this apps on the link below:

The NGV Tracker makes it easy to find your nearby NGV Station provider.
Just what you need if you’re low on NGV Gas.,

Open app and turn on your GPS satellite, tap on nearby or NGV listing by state to find the station.
Features :
– Quickly find nearby gas stations near you with a single tap using NGV Station tracker.
– It will provide contact details, address, distance, website and location of each place and overall user rating for their service
– It will help to Get directions to the location by using 3rd Application Google Maps.

install this apps on the link below:

How quick are your reflexes?
Catch the fish as many as you can!

install this apps on the link below:
MiNDA P@NTAS is an interesting brain teaser game, where player must match the colour of the word with its name, while being misled by usual thinking obsessions. MiNDA P@NTAS named to symbolic the game that it tests the left and right side of the brain within a timeframe given based on Stroop effect, a psychology term that is a demonstration of interference in the reaction time of a task.
install the apps on the link below: