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Welcome to UTM Academic Leadership

Let me begin by extending a warm welcome to you and thanking you for taking some of your time visiting our portal. I sincerely hope that this portal will provide a platform in enhancing your own teaching and improving your students’ learning. The quality of teaching and learning in universities has received much attention over the past decades and there has been much debate about what methods of teaching help to encourage and provide effective learning. We therefore need to realize that teaching is not just about creating and imparting large amounts of content.

It is also not just about designing different teaching methods. But rather we need to provide creative and innovative learning experiences for our students. Change is happening so fast that we need to teach students how to think and how to learn. Students should also be taught how to be creative and innovative individuals.

Who We Are

The Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) is dedicated to providing the teaching staff of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with guidance, resources and support needed to ensure that the highest quality of teaching and learning takes place throughout the University. Through individual, group, and campus-wide structured and non-structured programs, CTL keeps the teaching staff abreast of pedagogical developments in and outside the classroom, maintains and provides useful resources on teaching and learning and supports teaching staff in enhancing their teaching. CTL also provides training and learning support programmes to students to promote academic excellence and to facilitate the development of generic skills to assist the University in producing competent, creative and versatile professionals.

What We Do

Our Mission

CTL is dedicated to assisting its teaching staff in providing quality and effective instructions in T&L. It plays a key role in implementing the University’s T&L strategy and conducting professional development programmes for academic staff. This is summed up by the CTL’s mission statement “Promoting Excellence and Innovation in T&L”

Facility Development of Teaching & Learning

  • Providing academic staffs with technical training, enabling them to enhance their knowledge and skills in T&L interactive digital design and development especially for e-learning and stand-alone learning purposes in their respective fields.
  • Creating digital interactive teaching materials out of materials designed by academic staffs.
  • Facilitates the improvement of developed interactive digital T&L materials in terms of quality and suitability.
  • Providing technical expertise and consultation in teaching design to academic staff who are interested in developing interactive digital T&L materials on their own.
  • Providing interactive digital based help-desk assistance for academic staff that need it.
  • Carry out research that may enhance the quality and effectiveness T&L by optimizing the usage of latest technology.

Advancement of Teaching & Learning

  • Assessment and CQI of T&L.
  • Strategic and operational T&L initiatives in tandem with the requirements and setting of New Academia.
  • SOTL – oriented research and publication.
  • Consultation and services in pedagogy and andragogy related areas.


CTL has a large collection of research publications, books, videos and other resources relating to university teaching and learning, flexible learning, assessment, higher education and etc. These resources and publications are available for use by UTM academic staff. To use the collection, visit us at our offices on Level 1, Graduate Studies Building (F54), UTM. Some resources are also available online or can be ordered from CTL.
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