BLOSSOMS is an educational project of MIT, aimed at high school classes in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (“STEM”).  BLOSSOMS = Blended Learning Open Source Science Or Math Studies.

The project creates interactive video lessons for high school STEM classes. This initial one-year collaborative effort with UTM and MIT is viewed as Phase I of an anticipated larger multi-year program. BLOSSOMS has these goals:

  1. Excite young people about math, science & engineering, and STEM careers.
  2. Show relevance of science and mathematics to their real world.
  3. Develop critical and creative thinking skills, moving away from rote memorization and teaching to a test.
  4. Introduce the in-class teacher to technology-enabled education in a supportive way that allows her/him to stay in charge of the class.
  5. Encourage teachers away from a lecture format to a more active, problem-based style of teaching.
  6. Develop an awareness, understanding and appreciation for other cultures.

With this new project, Malaysia, through UTM, will join other BLOSSOMS country partners such as Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Brazil and the USA.

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